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At linkUwant.com We Offer The Following Services . . .

FREE e-mail forwarding

Included with your purchase is FREE e-mail forwarding. If you request this service all email that is sent to addresses at your domain name will be automatically forwarded to an existing email account. Email addressed to sales@[DomainName].com, webmaster@[DomainName], or even abc123@[DomainName] will be forwarded to the destination email address supply with your purchase.

FREE Advertising Page

If you select the "Free Advertising Page" with your purchase; linkUwant.com will create a free single web page that will provide the visitors to your domain name with information about contacting your company.

Our free advertising page is perfect for companies who want to lock up an easy to remember internet domain name and have an internet presence but have not decided on a web hosting company or web designer. The Free Advertising Page is not available with URL Frame Forwarding or Name Server Designation.

Frame Forwarding

If you select the "URL with your purchase; a visitors to your new domain name will be automatically forwarded to the URL you specify, the visitor's Location or Address bar continues to display your domain name, and will not display the destination URL.

Our free URL Frame Forwarding is perfect for companies who currently have a web site and want to add an easy to remember domain name to access their site. With this service you do not loose your current Internet presence, the current domain name will work just as before, now you have two domain names to access you website. URL Frame Forwarding is not available with the Free Advertising Page or Name Server Designation.

Name Server Designation

If you select the "Nameserver with your purchase; your domain name will use the nameservers you provided in NS1 and NS2 fields. Name server designation is not available with the Free Advertising Page or URL Frame Forwarding.

Nameservers are machines on the Internet which convert domain names into numerical addresses that computers can understand. Your domain name must use at least one nameserver in order to function properly. You can use the default nameservers provided by linkUwant.com, or you can use the nameservers provided by your web hosting company or IT manager.


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