Purchase Transfer Agreement for


  1. AGREEMENT: For and in valuable consideration, stated herein, Provider agrees to sell and Customer agrees to purchase all rights title and interest in the domain name DentistIndy.com under the following terms and conditions:


Domain Name:


Purchase Price:

  $16,000.00 U.S. Dollars


  The Purchaser of DentistIndy.com.


  Rainbow Realty Group, Inc. d/b/a linkUwant.com, 
an Indiana Corporation, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. USA
  1. CERTIFICATION OF PROVIDER: Provider hereby certifies that Provider is the Registrant of Record of DentistIndy.com. Provider further certifies that Provider is fully authorized and empowered to transfer all title, interest and Registrant of Record to Customer for DentistIndy.com .  

  2. TRANSFER OF DOMAIN OWNERSHIP: Upon receipt of $16,000.00 U.S. Dollars and verification of funds on deposit, Provider shall "push" DentistIndy.com to the Customers account with the current registrar. If Customer chooses a different registrar, Provider shall unlock  DentistIndy.com to permit transfer to Customer's account at the new registrar. Provider shall work with Customer and  Registrar until DentistIndy.com if fully transferred into the Customer's name. Customer shall pay any transfer fees if a different registrar is used. .  

  3. TERMS BINDING: All terms and conditions are included herein and no verbal agreements shall be binding. 


  1. Customer, in the use of DentistIndy.com shall abide by all government laws, rules and/or regulations. In addition Customer shall abide by any agreements, policies, rules and regulations as set out by the Internet Corporation and the ICANN-domain registrar(s).

  2. All payments, inquires or notices to be delivered to Provider at:

    6104 E. 21st Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46219-2002

  3. Payment in full by Customer and acceptance of payment in full by Provider serves as acknowledgement that both parties have read, fully understand, and approve this Purchase Transfer Agreement for DentistIndy.com


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