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Monthly Automatic-Renewal Plan

At linkUwant.com we make every effort to provide the best quality service on the internet. Many customers have requested to purchase their domain names on a monthly basis. This enables customers to test our service and the domain name's functionality. It also allows a lower upfront cost to hold multiple names. 

onthly Automatic-Renewal Billing Amendment for

This amendment shall be attached to and amend
the Service Agreement for Indy4SaleByOwner.com.

  1. Agreement: For and in valuable consideration, Provider and Customer hereby agree to amend the Service Agreement for Indy4SaleByOwner.com to permit Monthly Auto-Renewal Billing as follows:


Domain Name:


Monthly Service Fee:

  $99.95 PER MONTH


  The Purchaser of the Exclusive Right To Use Indy4SaleByOwner.com.


  Rainbow Realty Group, Inc. d/b/a linkUwant.com, 
an Indiana Corporation, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. USA
  1. Fees: Customer agrees to pay Provider a Monthly Service Fee, as stated above. All monthly Service Fees are paid 60 days in advance with automatic renewal 30 days prior to expiration.

    All other terms and conditions listed under "Fees" in the Service Agreement for Indy4SaleByOwner.com shall remain in full force.

  2. Automatic Renewal: This agreement shall automatically renew unless Customer provides a written notice of cancellation 45 days prior to expiration of the current term. When Indy4SaleByOwner.com comes within 30 days of the term expiration, Provider shall have the right to charge Customer's credit card the cost of Monthly Service Fee adjusted by the CPI* to allow for inflation.

Payment in full by Customer and acceptance of payment in full by Provider serves as acknowledgement that both parties have read, fully understand, and approve this Monthly Auto-Renewal Billing Amendment to Service Agreement for Indy4SaleByOwner.com


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